Fahad Ghalib Abdulkadhim, Zhang Yi, Mudassar Khalid


Smart mobile pharmacy has become a necessary requirement in improving the quality of healthy life in the last five years. Determining the type of medication and calculating the dose for each patient according to the patient's condition, monitoring the patient at the post and how to take the doses on time have a great effect on improving the patient's condition as soon as possible.

In this paper, a system of monitoring, monitoring, and guidance based on potency management have been designed to contain a cloud data storage platform and its implementation to solve the above problem.

The system is achieved by connecting each item (Medicine bottle) to a device (RFID) to verify that the patient has arrived in the bottle the correct medicine and is equipped with suppression of the treatment of the drug contains the sensors of weight to be sent all information to the control unit to be over the Internet through the routing portal.

All data is stored in the first two data folders, which are static and the second is mobile. Synchronization between the two stations is performed to update the information and will be executed on a server that uses an MQTT protocol to register and integrate messages on the platform. The results of the experiment show the speed of guidance and reduce cost and reduce energy.


MQTT; RFID; internet of things; Medicine bottle; sensors; raspberry pi

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