Oleg Burdo, Valentyna Bandura, Aleksandr Zykov, Igor Zozulyak, Julia Levtrinskaya, Elena Marenchenko


The advantages of wave technologies in comparison with traditional thermal technologies are considered. The aim of research is using of innovative wave technologies to intensify the processes of heat and mass transfer in the processes of dehydration and extraction, while reducing energy costs. A classification of the mechanisms of intensification of heat and mass transfer processes is proposed. Technical methods for intensifying heat and mass transfer during the processing of plant raw materials using technologies for targeted delivery of energy are developed. Samples of equipment are presented that implement technologies of directed energy action and innovative products obtained at these facilities. The results of experimental studies of drying in the microwave and infrared fields are shown.


wave technologies; targeted energy delivery; microwave technologies; mass transfer intensification; extraction; dehydration; innovative food concentrates

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