Valerii Samsonkin, Valerii Druz’, Albert Feldman


The article is devoted to a brief presentation and application in practice of an effective management way of human activities and human-technical communities one. This way was called Method of statistical regularity (Method of self-organizing processes). In fact, this is a system approach. For the first time, the application of this approach is shown on the example of quality management of the technological process. Practical management is shown using an algorithm. The effectiveness of the author's system approach is explained by the consideration of the final result of the activity as a goal and a system-forming factor of activity, taking into account the individual features of the management object, real statistics of activity. The system approach described in the article is a universal devise of management. It can be used and already used to manage individual functions of the enterprise, the process, the human operator, the community


system approach; norm; statistics; variation; management; self-organizing; standard deviation; system-forming factor; effectiveness; activity

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