Oleksandr Cherevko, Valeriy Mykhaylov, Aleksey Zagorulko, Andrii Zahorulko


The aim of the study is to probate the improved rotated film apparatus (RFA) at producing high-quality multi-component fruit pasts. The construction of the improved RFA with an innovative solution as to the system of heating its working chamber at the expanse of using a radiating heater – FFREhRT is developed. The designed construction is resource-effective and allows to concentrate fruit puree by using saving non-inertial thermal regimes (50...60 °С) with processing duration 0,65...0,8 min to content 25...30 % of RM. At the researches there was realized the probation of the improved RFA at concentrating offered multi-component fruit purees, based on apple, cranberry and haw.

The high quality of obtained multi-component fruit pasts was confirmed as a result of studying their structural-mechanical and color characteristics. Structural-mechanical parameters of studied fruit purees allowed to determine the influence of each component of the composition on the dispersed stability of an obtained structure of puree. It was established that the best disperse stable structure is inherent to the composition with percent content of apples, cranberries and haws as 60 ÷ 30 ÷ 10 with the mean radius of microcapillaries nm.

As a result of concentrating fruit purees, there were determined their color characteristics by CIELab system. And the comparisons of the studied sample before and after concentration indicate their unessential change. Thus, for the recipe composition with best organoleptic indices: apple, cranberry, haw in ratio 60 ÷ 30 ÷ 10, the brightness index for puree is: Т = 37,8 %, and for the concentrated past – Т = 36,4 % respectively. All obtained compositions are characterized by the red-orange color that totally confirms preservation of their physical-chemical characteristics at thermal processing.

The improved RFA construction may be implemented at enterprises of tinned production for processing and getting high-quality fruit pasts for providing needs of food industry of the country.


rotated film apparatus; fruit puree and pasts; structural-mechanical properties; color

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