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A research report has been submitted. It deals with implementing a method for a mathematical description of the nonlinear dynamics of rotors in magnetic bearings of different types (passive and active). The method is based on Lagrange-Maxwell differential equations in a form similar to that of Routh equations in mechanics. The mathematical models account for such nonlinearities as the nonlinear dependencies of magnetic forces on gaps in passive and active magnetic bearings and on currents in the windings of electromagnets; nonlinearities related to the inductances in coils; the geometric link between the electromagnets in one AMB and the link between all AMBs in one rotor, which results in relatedness of processes in orthogonal directions, and other factors. The suggested approach made it possible to detect and investigate different phenomena in nonlinear rotor dynamics. The method adequacy has been confirmed experimentally on a laboratory setup, which is a prototype of a complete combined magnetic-electromagnetic suspension in small-size rotor machinery. Different variants of linearizing the equations of motion have been considered. They provide for both linearization of restoring magnetic or electromagnetic forces in passive and active magnetic bearings, and exclusion of nonlinear motion equation terms. Calculation results for several linearization variants have been obtained. An appraisal of results identified the drawbacks of linearized mathematical models and allowed drawing a conclusion on the necessity of applying nonlinear models for a well-defined description of the dynamics of rotor systems with magnetic bearings.


rotor dynamics; magnetic bearings; mathematical model; linearization of equations of motion; nonlinear vibrations

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