Sergey Shabratsky, Vitaliy Storogenko


Most recently, in tank vessels designed for gas-liquid reactions, self-sucking mixers have been used as mixing devices. Great interest is the issue of mixing power determination of mixers designed for processes in gas-liquid systems, which can be an essential component in designing reaction vessels using effective mixing devices of self-sucking type for both liquid and gaseous phases. The efficiency of a mixing device is determined by evaluating the intensity of circulation of the mixed reaction mass, gas content and the ratio between the power consumption to create a gas-liquid medium and the total power consumption for mixing. In spite of a considerable number of publications on the determination of mixing power nowadays, there are no simple methods in existence for determination of mixing power of self-sucking mixers in vessels for gas-liquid reactions. For this reason, the mixing power calculation of self-sucking mixers for gas-liquid processes is an important part in the design of reaction vessels.


mixing; self-sucking mixers; power; gas-liquid; reaction vessel; mass transfer; speed of mixer; criterion of power; sulfonation reactions

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21303/2461-4262.2016.00077


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