Alexander Timinsky, Illia Marushchak


The article presents the scientific task of developing models and methods of proactive development of the organizational structure of territorial development projects using bi-adaptivity. Literary sources are analyzed. There are two types of organizational structures – the organizational structure of the territorial development project and the organizational structure of the territorial network, created in the project. The similarity of such structures is noted. The aspects of the organizational structure, for which it is necessary to develop models of proactive development, are selected and analyzed. This is the entrepreneurial form of the territorial network, the type of organizational structure and the system of communications of the organizational structure of the territorial network with the organizational structure of the parent enterprise. The concept of the gradient of the territorial development of the industries has been introduced, its definition has been given. The method of proactive development of the organizational structure in the project of territorial development is proposed. The content of the method of configuring the bi-adaptive system for the appearance of new types of projects is determined. The indicated results extend the scientific tools of project and program management.


proactivity; bi-adaptivity; territorial development project; organizational structure

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