Dmytro Isaienko, Volodymyr Scochko


The main aim of the work is to elaborate algorithms and structure of data of the intellectual system of decisions making, able to provide functioning of the organizational-technical system of technical regulation in building under uncertainty conditions. The ability of intellectual systems to function under uncertainty conditions of different types is provided by using methods of indistinct mathematics and organization of a data structure, formed for revealing uncertainty automatically. The main attention in the article is paid to forming a data structure and algorithm for revealing uncertainty, caused by excessive information. The material of the research is information, contained in normative documents, according to which the technical regulation of the Ukrainian building branch is realized. It is especially urgent to reveal conflicts of parameters and rules, connected with reformation of the legislation in a part, related to the technical regulation of the branch. The automatic revelation of uncertainty that results in a discordance or conflict of parameters and rules, essentially facilitates elaboration of project documents and realization of expert evaluations at stages of building and exploitation of unique objects. But introduction of such intellectual systems allows to raise a speed and reliability of the work of other systems of the documents’ circulation under transformation conditions essentially. The scientific novelty of the work is in using models of indistinct mathematics at formalizing norms and rules of the technical regulation in building and elaborating methods of their processing by the intellectual system of making decisions. The results of the work are demonstrated on the example of determination of a technical regulation parameter at excessive information, manifested in the presence of more than one normative document with instructions for determination of one regulation parameter. The probation and adaptation of norms and rules are realized in the legislative regulation of the activity in the Ukrainian building branch under conditions of changes, directed on improving the city-planning activity according to world standards.


building branch; conflict of rules; data processing; organizational-technical system; technical regulation

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