Volodymyr Pylypchuk, Andriy Yavorskyy, Galyna Shabat, Marco Marino Vito


Surgical treatment was applied in 145 patients with complicated forms of chronic pancreatitis (CP) at the department of surgery of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Hospital in 2009–2016. Fourty-nine (33.7 %) patients had symptoms of biliary hypertension (BH); in five (3.4 %) of them BH was combined with chronic duodenal obstruction (CDO), the other 5 (3.4 %) patients had a combination of BH+CDP and local venous hypertension of pancreaticobiliary area vessels. Resection-type surgeries were applied in 28 (57.1 %) patients with CP complicated by BH. Intraoperative monitoring of biliary pressure was used in 17 patients in the process of duodenum-preserving resections of the pancreas. Frey’s procedure was applied to 20 (71.4 %) patients, in whom BH persisted after the resection stage of the surgery; Frey’s procedure was supplemented by interventions on bile ducts: hepaticoenteroanastomosis was applied in 12 patients, excision of pancreas lingula was applied in one patient, internal biliopancreatic anastomosis was applied in one patient. Berne modification was used in 2 (7.2 %) patients, and pancreaticoduodenal resection (PDR) according to Whipple – in 6 (21.4 %) patients. Remote results were studied in 19 (67.8 %) patients. Patients after duodenum-preserving resections had the best quality of life indicators, for BH signs were absent.


chronic pancreatitis; biliary hypertension; duodenum-preserving resection; biliary pressure; pancreatic-duodenal resection

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