Maryna Kochuieva, Hanna Tymchenko, Ivan Hrek, Yulia Zaikina


Patients with ACO have significant poorer health-related quality of life and more severe functional limitations compared to asthma and COPD alone. Most commonly, chronic respiratory disease is associated with cardiovascular disease, such as arterial hypertension. However, the impact of concomitant cardiac diseases on the quality of life and functional status of patients with ACO remains poorly understood.

The aim of the work was to study dynamics of functional condition and quality of life in with ACO and concomitant AH against the background of complex therapy.

Materials and methods. We selected for participating in the study 100 patients with ACO and concomitant AH. Examination of the patients included: clinical methods, spirometry, and questinaries – mMRS, CAT, SGRQ, performing 6MWT.

Results. After 16 weeks of treatment there were no changes in lung functional status in patients on standard treatment, at the same time, in group of patients who had an active rehabilitation program, there was a significant improvement in the bronchial response to the action of bronchodilators, although other indicators of the functional status of the lungs didn't show significant changes. Patients who additionally used an active rehabilitation program had a significant improvement in clinical symptoms, shortness of breath, and quality of life according to CAT, mMRC, and SGRQ scores, respectively. There was also a significant increase in distance during the 6MWT in this group of patients.

Conclusions. Conducting an active rehabilitation program (physical rehabilitation in combination with an educational program and self-management) in group of patients with ACO and concomitant AH, who are on standard medical treatment, significantly improves the bronchial response to the action of bronchodilators, decreases clinical manifestations, shortness of breath and improve quality of life and exercise tolerance, according to CAT, mMRC, SGRQ and 6MWT questionnaires, respectively.


asthma-COPD overlap; arterial hypertension; functional status; quality of life; rahabilitation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21303/2504-5679.2020.001135


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