Oksana Tsyganenko


The article presents a clinical case of somato-psychic disorder in a patient with multinodular euthyroid goiter. The patient was diagnosed with thyroid cancer on outpatient basis and was suggested urgent surgical treatment. After receiving information about cancer pathology the patient developed symptoms of hypernosognostic neurotic syndrome with manifestations of obsessions and hystero-hypohondriasis. The patient was focused on the rigid hypochondria with detailed statement of the slightest signs of bodily distress.

Therefore, the above example demonstrates difficulty in selecting the tactics of management for such patients due to development of symptoms primarily determined by psycho-emotional tension. This category of patients should be followed not only by endocrinologists, surgeons, but the multidisciplinary team, including psychiatrists, and psychotherapists, since in case of combined impact of a number of adverse factors, the reaction to the disease can become so extreme that its management in the early stages of therapy seems no less important than the direct treatment of somatic condition.



Thyroid gland; multinodular euthyroid goiter; nosogeny; fine-needle aspiration biopsy; psycho-emotional tension

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