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Currently, there are isolated data on the relationship between IL-4 polymorphism (C-589T) and susceptibility to brucellosis. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to determine the frequency of polymorphism of IL-4 (C-589T) in patients with acute brucellosis.

Materials and methods: the article presents the results of surveys of 120 patients with acute brucellosis. The control group consisted of 30 practically healthy persons. The diagnosis of brucellosis was based on complaints, anamnesis, epidemiological and clinical data, and the results of a specific study. The definition of the polymorphism of IL-4 (C-589T) was performed for all patients in the main and control group. A detailed description of patients with brucellosis is presented. Among the observed prevailed men and young people of working age.

Results: A mild degree was established in 74 (61.66 %) patients, while severe - only in 11 (9.17 %) patients. It was determined that the genotype CT (65.83 %) was significantly more common among patients with brucellosis than in the control group, where the frequency of this genotype was only 16.66 %. While the CC genotype was 3.2 times more common among healthy individuals than among patients in the main group (76.67 % versus 24.17 %), it was found that the CC genotype of the IL-4 gene was 13 times more common in patients for acute brucellosis with mild progress than with severe.

Conclusions: The genotype IL-4 (C-589T) SS is significantly associated with the mild course of brucellosis.


acute brucellosis; cytokine; interleukin-4; polymorphism; genotype

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