Oleg Burdo, Igor Bezbakh, Serhii Shyshov, Aleksandr Zykov, Igor Yarovyi, Aleksander Gavrilov, Valentyna Bandura, Igor Mazurenko


The aim of the conducted study is to determine kinetics of the complex effect of microwave energy supply and filter drying of the process of water release from the wheat layer. There is offered a combination of MW and filter drying. A special feature of this combination must be its more effectiveness and high speed of water elimination from surface layers of wet seeds and, as a result, the productivity increase of the drying way, decrease of specific energy consumption.

There was determined the influence of the specific load of the material, radiator power on processes of microwave and filter-microwave drying of wheat seeds. There were compared microwave, filter-microwave and convective drying of seeds by parameters of specific energy consumption, drying speed.

The specific energy consumption at microwave drying of seeds was 4 MJ/kg, at filter-microwave drying 3.8 MJ/kg that is lower than existent convective dryers. The speed of microwave drying changes from 0,5 to 3 %/min, filter-microwave – from 0.3 to 0.7 %/min. The speed is at the level of standard convective dryers.

The conducted studies allow to recommend a new combined way of FMW drying of seeds with low energy consumption.

Revealed features of heating and drying are possible to be used at developing industrial dryers.

The base of experimental data is possible to be used for optimizing and determining effective conditions of MW and FMW drying.


microwave drying filter-microwave drying; wheat; drying kinetics

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