Nina Osokina, Vitalii Liubych, Larysa Novak, Tetiana Pushkarova-Bezdil, Olesia Priss, Valentуna Verkholantseva, Olenа Hryhorenko, Volodumur Pusik, Ludmila Pusik


There were studied technological properties of grain of different varieties and lines of wheat spelt. There were analyzed differences between the quality of bread of flour of the highest sort and wholemeal, demonstrated the topicality of the differentiated approach to technological properties of flour for its production, elucidated the possibility of using wholemeal of wheat spelt for producing bread of the increased biological value.

It was experimentally confirmed that a value of gloss of the bread surface and its general assessment is influenced by the protein content in grain. The gluten content influences bread quality parameters a bit less. At the same time, the index of gluten deformation also influences the crust surface, size of pores, general assessment of the bread quality. Its quality is high in all studied samples. The highest general culinary mark is put to bread, obtained from flour of the variety Zorya of Ukraine, LPP 3132, lines NAK34/12-2 and TV 1100.

Based on studied of organoleptic, physical-chemical parameters of bread, there was confirmed the possibility of the promising use of wheat spelt grain in the bakery technology for raising the quality of products and widening the assortment. 


wheat spelt; bakery properties; bread quality; flour of the highest sort; wholemeal

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