Taisia Ryzhkova, Galina Dyukareva, Vasily Prudnikov, Iryna Goncharova


The article presents research results of determining the rational amount of whey broth of linden flowers that favored the increase of the goat cottage cheese quality after adding to cheese seeds.

It was established, that under the influence of the rational amount of 10-20 % of broth, introduced to cheese seeds of development batches (D 1, D 2) of the products at its setting (instead of the same amount of eliminated cheese whey), there took place the increase of the protein content by 0,3, 0,5 % and moisture by 0,6, 1,7 %, comparing with the control.

The use of the rational amount of broth in development batches favored the increase of the product output of 100 kg of skimmed milk by 0,6, 0,8 %, respectively, comparing with the control.

Whey broth of linden flowers also stimulated the development of the healthy microflora, which amount in development batches of the product (D1- D2) was higher in 2,5 and 2,8 times, comparing with an analogous result in the control.

It maximally bring commodity parameters of development batches of cottage cheese to requirements of the product, manufactured of cow milk, and increases the number of consumers of goat milk products.


goat milk; cottage cheese; broth of linden flowers; fatty acids

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