Katerina Iorgachova, Olga Makarova, Kateryna Khvostenko


There was grounded the choice of ingredients for developing floury confectionary products without sugar and prospects of using amylose-free flour of waxy wheat and sunroot powder for their production. There were determined quality parameters of used flour, conditioned by the state of the protein-proteinase complex.

Based on studying technological properties of flour of waxy wheat, there was demonstrated the expedience of its use in the technology of products of yeasty dough, especially hardtacks, at replacing sugar for sunroot powder. There was offered to introduce sunroot powder at producing hardtacks with the decreased sugar content in equal shares at the stage of kneading liquid fermented dough and ready one.

There was determined the influence of using amylase-free flour of waxy-wheat and inulin-containing raw material on structural-mechanical and surface properties of dough for sugar-free hardtacks. It was demonstrated, that combined introduction of waxy wheat flour and inulin-containing raw material positively influences quality parameters of semi-products of yeasty dough at complete exclusion of sugar from their recipes. The replacement of bakery wheat flour by amylase-free one allows to get dough with sunroot powder for sugar-free hardtacks with less firmness, elasticity and tendency to adhesion.


flour force; dough for hardtacks; decreased sugar capacity; sunroot powder; waxy wheat flour

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