Andrii Zahorulko, Aleksey Zagorulko, Maryna Yancheva, Maksym Serik, Sergei Sabadash, Marina Savchenko-Pererva


The improvement of existent technological processes of making meat culinary products and development of the correspondent principally new resource-effective equipment is an urgent task. There was probated the developed apparatus of the low-temperature processing of meat culinary products by IR-radiation with the further qualitative assessment of ready culinary products for solving it.

The results of the conducted studies provide making high-quality, juicy meat products without a crust that generally provides spreading the assortment of products under conditions of their low-temperature processing in a price category, attractive for a consumer.

A flexible film resistive electric heater of the radiating type (FFREhRT) was used as a heating element for providing the even low-temperature processing of meat products at the expanse of taking the working geometry of a chamber of the apparatus by it. For providing the autonomy of the work of air-ejecting ventilators, there was offered to use Peltier elements that allow to transform secondary heat of FFREhRT in the low-voltage feeding tension and to provide cooling of the external surface of the apparatus synchronously. The apparatus is mobile that provides its displacement directly in places of realization. At the studies, there was established the culinary readiness degree of meat products of the spheric form with diameter 0,1±0,01m by reaching temperature 53…85 оС in the product center.

The evenness of the heat flow distribution within the working chamber was proved by the data, obtained from thermocouples, placed on the metal spheric model of a meat product sample in real time by 7 thermocouples.

As a result of analyzing the geometric model of placing Peltier elements, it has been established, that for providing the low-voltage tension of ventilators at level 3,55 V, 10 successively connected elements are necessary.

The offered innovative construction-technological solutions allow to make high-quality, juicy meat products without a crust that generally provides spreading the assortment of products under conditions of their low-temperature processing.


culinary meat products; low-temperature processing; IR-radiation; original taste

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