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The aim of the research is the systematic search of promotion and quality of service with interest to visit tourist objects. This article is a systematic search that collects data from relevant indexed journals in Indonesia. These findings are discussed in a theoretical study so as to produce a conclusion. This article draws the conclusion that in the current era, the use of the right marketing strategy is very important because many new attractions are emerging as competitors. Applying the right marketing strategy will bring tourists and make tourists who have visited have an interest to visit again. The interest in revisiting is the encouragement of someone to carry out a visit to the destination that was visited. The regional tourism industry pays attention to the duties and functions of the promotion department and service quality in planning and implementing strategies that optimize a tourist interest. The quality of service within these institutions and local governments in the field of tourism is very closely related and has a strong influence on the tourism industry. There are promotion factors and service quality, connected with the interest of the local government in tourists visiting directly or indirectly, thus affecting the development of industries in the region. The attitude of the local government directly influences the visit of domestic and foreign tourists, then indirectly the situation and stable conditions in political, economic and security developments. The contribution of this research is to study theories about promotion and service quality with an interest in visiting tourist objects.


promotion; service quality; returning interest; tourists

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