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In the world thought and practice the scientific paradigm is anthropocentrism. In the aspect of these philosophical ideas the epic canvases by M. Stel’mah gain the qualitatively new interpretation. For today it is obvious that the works of verbal art must be considered not only as a reflection of socio-political, economic or cultural-educational life of certain society but first of all we must make the acquaintance with personages of the work, to cognize their human essence, to elucidate personal characteristics of personages as creators of own and general story. Such an approach will favor the realization of esthetic, educative and hedonistic function of the literature. Recipients cognize the essence of philosophical categories through the means of character creation of human images: “sense of being”, “happiness”, “self-cognition and self-realization”, “ugly and beautiful”, “comic-tragic and heroic”, “personal development” and so on.
The system of images-personages of soviet epoch in their open description is considered in the article. The esthetics of social realism, its influence on the formation of the author’s idiostyle was discovered. The scientific novelty of the received results is in the detailed elucidation and analysis of the originality of the means of character creation of personages in socio-psychological novel by M. Stel’mak “The thought about you”. The materials and results of the study will be the valuable acquisition of literary criticism and the practice of teaching literature.


Autobiographical novel; author style; poetics of the novels by M. Stel’mah; psychologism; originality of art reproduction of the life flow; the system of images of art work; social realism; Stel’mah studies; newest Ukrainian literature; character creation

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