Irina Lutsenko


The article elucidates the problems and tendencies of formation of the native system of the management of the stable development of rural territories in the context of budgetary policy and general European experience.
The author has systematized the types of state support of the stable development of the rural territories by the forms of budgetary regulation and their legislative support. The world experience of the state support of budgetary regulation of the development of rural territories and the features of the influence of state subventions on the economic safety of local territories were studied. The main problems and tendencies of the management of the stable development of rural territories were analyzed and the weak places – dependence of rural economy on agrarian production, decrease of effectiveness of existent resources usage and worsening of social-productive and ecological infrastructure of the villages were determined.
Alongside with it the inconsistency of the level of development of Ukrainian agrarian sector and rural territories in general to the world level and the standards of EU countries was revealed that is for today the significant obstacle on Ukraine’s way the to the membership in European Union. It can be explained especially by the general policy of development of the rural territories in European Union that is realized within the Common Agrarian Policy (CAP). Thus, on the way to the finish of administrative-territorial reform and decentralization of the power authorities Ukraine must take into account the priorities of CAP of EU countries as the target orientation points for the formation of the system of the management of stable development that would provide the balance of agricultural and rural development.
Taking into account the experience of development of EU agrarian policy, based on the domination of the development of rural territories over the other tasks, Ukraine must adapt its policy to the European standards and to follow the course of changes of agricultural development of EU countries for the timely modernization of the forms of state support of the stable development of rural territories.


management of the stable system of rural territories; regulation; decentralization; budgetary system; state support; European integration

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