Iryna Golyash, Valentina Panasiuk, Svitlana Sachenko


The paper discusses the issues of ensuring a performance of the corporate website that, therefore, facilitates the fulfillment of the strategic development goals of the enterprise. The efficiency of the audit for improving the online business management mechanisms is justified. The organizational and methodological peculiarities of the performance audit of the corporate website are reviewed. The usefulness of quantitative indicators received via analytical online-services is determined, and their applicability in the performance audit of the corporate website is confirmed. A special attention is drawn to the possibility of transforming quantitative indicators into the data necessary for the decision-making. The article suggests the use of the key performance indicators of the corporate website calculated on the basis of the numerical value of the quantitative indicators. Based on the clustering method, the ratio between the key indicators of the corporate website performance and the development goals of the enterprise is defined thereby making the objectives of the enterprise tangible and understandable for its management staff. It is claimed that the audit results encourage achieving the desired enterprise performance rates as well as fulfilling its strategic development goals.


audit; corporate website; strategic goals; efficiency; key indicators

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