Andriy Voytseshchuk


Creation of the effective system of customs inspection and formation of transparent procedures of its realization remain priority for world countries in the context of the qualitative integration into the global economic space and growth of global challenges. Illegal movement of goods and objects in global volumes is a threat for the customs space of all countries of the world, despite the development level. Main global tendencies as to contraband of goods and their movement with customs offenses were explained. Main contraband objects were revealed. It was established, that narcotic means occupy the one of first places among goods of illegal movement. Among narcotic substances cannabis is most required at the illicit market. Illegal trade of fauna and flora objects in the last years resulted to irreversible losses of rare species. Attention is accented on the problem of contrafact goods movement through the customs border. The native legislative practice of contraband regulation and customs offenses was elucidated. The assessment of main types of customs offenses in Ukraine was realized. The ways of counteraction to customs offenses of contraband of goods were determined.


contraband; canine teams; contrafact goods; Customs Code of Ukraine; customs space; customs house; international trade; international cooperation; customs offense; CITES

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