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The influence of inflationary and deflationary processes on the determination of the fair value of goods and services is studied in the article. It is established that as a result of changes in the value of money over time, national currencies are not able to effectively perform the function of a measure of value for a long time. In conditions when gold ceased to be the standard of value measurement and became a commodity, in developing countries, the function of the measure of value is taken over by the currencies of countries with more powerful economies. A consequence of this is the strengthening of dollarization and activation of devaluation processes of weaker and open national economies. With the aim of eliminating these problems, determining the fair and real value of goods and services for a long time, it is proposed to introduce a single indexing of a conventional monetary unit. The domestic and foreign experience in implementing the relevant mechanisms has been studied, and recommendations have been made for their testing and implementation within the national economy.


inflation; measure of value; fair value; dollarization of the economy; indexing conventional monetary unit

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