Yuliya Bondarenko, Tetiana Kulinich


In the article the place, role and functions of families (households) as economic subjects of the market system are clarified. The interrelation, interdependence of categories of "savings", "investments" and "consumption" is defined. The importance and location of the internal investor in the investment process at the macroeconomic level is proved. The algorithm for determining the level of aggregate income of a family necessary for transition to the rank of an internal investor of the state is presented. Parallels are drawn between the author's theoretical and methodical approach proposed in the article and between the theories (laws, models) of a number of well-known economists, such as E. Engel, M. Tugan-Baranovsky, J. Keynes, P. Samuelson and others. The features of practical definition of the minimum level of the aggregate income of a family and a household for savings and investments for Ukrainian realities are revealed. The current and desired operating conditions and the results of financial and economic development of each of the interested parties are considered. In particular, for the population it is shown how, based on its real income, to identify and plan expenditures in order to move to investments. In addition, it is investigated: first, what exactly is the real minimum level of income per month will allow one person or a family (of two, three, four people) to survive in the economic conditions that defined public authorities and formed the market; secondly, what exactly need s a person or a household to be able to meet at an appropriate level of income; thirdly, what level of income will allow the population to save and convert these savings into investments (with their subsequent distribution for the development of domestic business and entrepreneurship). At the same time, it is shown how the state (on Ukrainian data) can influence the growth of domestic investment in order to reduce the deficit of financial resources for the development of business and the economy of the country.


investments; internal investor; investment process; savings; consumption; household/family income

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