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Under conditions of limited organic resources, polluted external environment, excessive emission of carbon in the atmosphere and as a result of global warming the use of renewed energy sources may become one of ways of solving problems of energy saving, energy efficiency, environment protection, energy independence from import raw materials. The active use of renewed energy sources will favor the increase of economic efficiency and competitiveness of components of the national AIC.
The article indicates that during the last 20 years the world underwent worsening of natural-climatic and living conditions, climate change, strengthening of negative natural phenomena and so on. The aforesaid problems of the world scale were discussed at the international climatic conferences (Brazil – 1992; Japan – 1997; SAR – 2002; Paris – 2015; Germany – 2017), while considering the complex of questions as to improving the natural-climatic and living environment in the world, saving use of natural resources, acceleration of using renewable energy sources (RES), especially solar one.
It was elucidated, that during the last years the power of solar energy stations (SPS) grew essentially. For the end of 2015 the leaders if setting SPS were the following countries: China, Germany, Japan, USA. In Ukraine the plan of development of the Combined energetic system for 2016–2025 years of SE «NEC «Ukrenergo»» provided the association of SPS power with electric nets of energy system with volume 1641.2 MW.
There was realized the grouping of Ukrainian regions by the level of the technically achievable potential of solar energy.
There was realized the assessment of the economic efficiency of products at using solar energy in the agroindustrial business in different regional conditions of Ukraine.


solar energy; efficiency of products; money incomes; money expenditures; term of recoupment; profitability of investments

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