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The development of a methodology for assessing investment attractiveness of businesses of Ukrainian gas production industry that is presented in the form of a generalized algorithm reflects the conceptual model of research. The scope of research is methodological approaches to assessing investment attractiveness of businesses. The purpose of this study is to recommend methodology for assessing the investment attractiveness of Ukrainian gas producers. The methodology for assessing investment attractiveness of gas producers can be used to determine the investment attractiveness of an individual business, evaluate financial position in the course of privatization and development of measures for rehabilitation or liquidation of a business, as well as to carry out a financial analysis at the initiative of both the business itself and investors who consider investment in production. The paper assesses performance of the leading gas producers in accordance with the individual life cycle stages of the business. The authors propose management measures to ramp up natural gas production in Ukraine. The amount of investment in the gas production industry required to achieve the estimated gas production figures has been assessed and the overriding priorities for the development of Ukrainian gas production industry have been established.


gas production industry; energy independence; investment; management; investment attractiveness; gas production output; risk

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