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The article is devoted to the consideration of the formation of poster art in Ukraine during the period of Independence. It touches on the development of new trends, directions and the essence of the modern Ukrainian poster, analyzes the emotional and figurative saturation of posters of the time given. Ukrainian graphic design of that time is at the transitional stage of the evolution process from the classical-modern Soviet school to the construction of its own national design model with a vivid tone of postmodernism. It took place through the development of many factors: commercial approach is market oriented, disappearance of «dictatorship» in an art, removal from it of almost all existent limitations. Alteration assisted the professional association of designers on the territory of Soviet Union. Art of new twenty-four hours, thereby – the art of placard began to use imaginary РR technology for popularization. In the article the analytical analysis of origin of features of genre classification is done in poster graphic arts. That time development is acquired by an imaginary (advertisement) placard. Regardless of genre, it is possible to consider a show board and political placard, and social, and playbill, and other, as almost after each the commercial stands of them, or social order. The author of the article touches on a new thread in graphic design – to post-modernism. Graphic design has always borrowed images and approaches from other areas of artistic and popular culture. Visual citations, links of all kinds, mimicry of styles is an essential feature of the way of graphic design, its metamorphosis in the 20th century. The result of this was post-modernism, as the final chord of modern culture. Post-modernism calls to the correction of ideology of modernism, softens inflexibility of establishments, admits to the placard a humour, historicalquotations, ornamentalism and elements of mass culture. Also in the article an author draws a conclusion in relation to the way of development and prospects of poster graphic arts of modern Ukraine, finds out generalization of genesis of the Ukrainian poster art during 1990–2010 years.


political; advertising; social; cultural; modern Ukrainian poster; postmodernism; image; tendencies of development

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