Viktoriia Bozhanova, Oleksandra Kononova


The improvement of economic and social results of the current activity of a construction enterprise and future development of the socio-economic system is possible by forming and accepting complex arrangements within the mechanism of rationalization of cooperation between elements of the system of construction activity management, directed on establishing the organizational structure, providing balance between existent resources and establishing future aims for achieving economic and social results, observing the functional destination and objective orientation of technological and resource elements of the management system of the socio-economic development.
The conducted studies established that the strategy must provide arrangements as to improvement of the economic mechanism, system of management and planning, economic stimulation, creation of conditions for the effective use of the production potential of an economic enterprise. It was proved, that they are in: realization of profound marketing studies for determining a consumption demand for final construction products in whole and by their most important groups and usage directions; formation of alternative variants of creating final products, taking into account the structure of needs in them and within resources, allotted for the development of a construction enterprise; choice of a variant that mostly satisfies needs for a new strategy, solving socio-economic tasks at least costs, getting the proper quality of products and raising a competitiveness level of the production potential of a construction enterprise.
It allows to state that the development project of a construction enterprise must be based on multi-criteria optimization, oriented on getting the maximal profit and maximal satisfaction of the consumption demand of products, presented on internal and external markets at raising their competitiveness.


strategy; strategic management; management; socio-economic development; competitiveness; construction enterprise

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