Tomas Debnar, Peter Kubinec, Michal Micjan


The aim of this research was to research and verify the possibilities of using microphone to determine mechanical load acting on high voltage insulator. The insulator features a cable hole, which can be used for optical cables. Let’s use this hole as a microphone mount in order to listen to sounds inside of an insulator. The cable hole and the insulator end holes were filled with insulating foam to insulate microphone from the external interferences. Acoustic measurements were performed on the outdoor post insulator C30-850-II. The insulator was placed in bending machine and was repeatedly mechanically stressed by bending forces. The results of this research verify the suitability of the selected method for future use in the proposed device for detection of mechanical overload of high-voltage insulators.


high voltage insulators; bending force measurement; acoustic measurement; optical microphone; mechanical stress measurement

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