Cernaj Lubos, Kozarik Jozef


The aim of this research is to research and verify possibilities of using the accelerometer to determine mechanical load acting on high voltage insulator. Accelerometer measurements were done on the outdoor post insulator C30 - 850 - II. The insulator was loaded multiple times with various bending force. Vibration induced by external forces was detected by an accelerometer. The insulator features a cable hole, which can be used for optical cables. The accelerometer was glued to the outside surface of insulator’s plate. The results of this research will be used to verify the suitability of the chosen method for detecting the mechanical overload of high-voltage insulators. The results will be used in the design of a device that will serve to detect overload early in order to prevent damage to high-voltage lines and increase its reliability and durability.


high voltage insulators; bending force measurement; accelerometer; mechanical stress measurement

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