Andrii Kozhushko, Kseniia Riezva


The problem of providing functional stability while moving vehicles arises during research of the types of transport works used in agriculture. A wheeled tractor with trailer or semitrailer units is used as a vehicle in the agricultural sector. These days most manufacturers of tractor technology increase the performance of transport work, such as increasing of engines power and cargo transportation. This trend is dangerous, especially when transporting units with variable mass (tanks), because the transportation of liquid cargo leads to significant self-oscillations, which effects on the movement dynamics. One of the studies that characterizes the dynamics of the vehicle movement is running smoothness. This research can provide information about the driver's comfort and vibration occurrence in a vehicle. The materials in this article are basic in the study of running smoothness of a tractor with a variable mass unit and also provide prerequisites for the coverage of the recommendations for reducing driver seat and tractor frame vertical acceleration.


wheeled tractor; semitrailer tank; unit; oscillations; smoothness; redistribution weight; dynamics; partial oscillator; amplitude-frequency characteristics; acceleration

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