Formation of a team of project executors in the area of creation aviation techniques

Olena Feoktystova, Nastasia Rovinska


In the article there is analyzed the present condition of the problem of high-tech project management to develop the new objects by the aviation profile enterprises. The analyses showed that for improvement of the efficiency of portfolio management it should be developed special methodic tools of decision support system by HR and Project managers about executors’ composition forming of high-tech projects taking into account number of indicators of different character and first of all employee competence.

Based on the analyzed results the integrated process model was developed which described the main stages of team formation of high-tech projects executors. There is formation of expert committee of employees of aviation profile enterprises for the choice of rational variant of team composition from the several alternatives; estimation of the candidates’ competencies level for the including to the high-tech project team, the communication level assessment of the future team participants, selection by the collective expert estimation, united variant of executive team of high-tech project. This model provides increasing of the level of objectivity of finally decision about composition of team executors of high-tech project unlike other famous models. Practical value of proposed model is in decreasing of the risks of incorrect decision making by HRs and project managers during the process of formation of team executors of high-tech project.

Based on developed methodical tools, in the article there is described process of formation of team executors of high-tech project on the typical aviation profile enterprises PF “Space”. This company is specialized on development of airdrome techniques in particular self-propelled passenger ladder. Also in this article there are described methods and computation effect from integration of theoretical results into the practice of management by the high-tech projects on the aviation profile enterprises.

Practice value of received results is in creation of science methodic basis in aggregate models view and methods of decision making support of HR and project managers for the formation of team executors’ composition of high-tech projects. These results can be used in portfolio management not only on the aviation profile enterprises but in any other innovation companies


aviation profile enterprises; high-tech project; competency-oriented assessment; complex process model

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