Investigation of computer-oriented technologies for the optimization of electric supply and energy saving of railway transport

Ivan Kulbovskyi, Halyna Holub


The analysis of the current state of power electric equipment of traction substations of railways, power supply systems for traction and control systems based on what was shown that current trends to ensure a high level of efficiency of the power industry are directly related to its informatization and the development of distributed computer systems and networks intellectual technology for monitoring, identifying and intellectualizing the management of energy saving modes of electric supply systems. The temporary decomposition of the tasks of management of electric networks of railways and the methodology of the organization of intelligent electric power traction networks are proposed. The methods for registering primary information monitoring parameters of normal and emergency modes of electric networks based on the use of mathematical tools of differential transformations and the presentation of data in the form of T-spectra are developed. On the basis of the system-wide principle of a single information space and the results of experimental studies, the architecture of the computer environment is studied, which reflects the range of possibilities for intellectualizing the traction network based on the characteristics of electricity supply to railways, taking into account restrictions and specificity of consumption. And at its base, modern computer-intelligent technologies have been created for managing energy saving in the process of power supply to railways at the level of traction substations, power supply distances and the upper level of the railway as a whole. The possibilities of the proposed structure of the intellectual traction electric network of Ukrzaliznytsia developed as a result of the mutual integration of the topology of the traction network of power supply and architecture of the computer environment, which is the infrastructure for managing power supply for railway transport, as well as the possibility of integrating real-time monitoring, state, optimization of consumption and management of energy saving in the process during the maintenance of electricity for traction at all levels of management of the railway in market conditions


intellectualization of management procedures; computer-oriented technologies; energy saving; technological process; computer systems and networks

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