Sergiy Kutsenko, Nataliya Gerbina


The aim of the work was to justify the feasibility of developing a new drug with a dry extract of hop cones in the form of hard gelatin capsules for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Methods. In order to study the range of medicines based on hop cones on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine, a marketing analysis of registered drugs has been conducted. The marketing analysis was carried out using the information of retrieval system "Drugs" by "Morion" LLC and the State Register of Medicines of Ukraine, which allows quickly tracking changes in the structure of offers. To systematize the main characteristics of the studied drug of hop cones, to assess its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, a modern marketing method – SWOT-analysis has been used. In the process of research, methods of system analysis, monitoring, logical generalization, grouping of marketing research, etc. were used.

Results. The methodology of research has been developed and justified. The main types of pharmacological activity of extracts from hop raw materials have been reviewed. A comprehensive study of the drug from hop cones using the SWOT-analysis method has allowed analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, which can contribute to or hamper the progress and consolidation of this drug in a certain market segment. It was revealed that the strengths of the drug are much greater than the weaknesses, and this speaks in favor of its competitiveness in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

The discussion of the results. The medical and marketing expediency of developing a new medicinal preparation with a dry extract of hop cones in the form of capsules for use in gastroenterology have been proved


dry extract of hop cones; hard gelatin capsules; methodology; marketing methods of analysis; development; SWOT-analysis; GI diseases

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