Victoriia Petrenko, Kateryna Melnykova


This article considers the formation of vertically integrated agrarian enterprises of the corporative type. It was determined, that enterprises with foreign investments are characterized by the high productive, financial or innovative potential, continuousness of production processes for the staged, proportional development of structural links. The management of integrative transactions is realized by principles of adaptability of the management system to exogenous factors and provides the search for new organizational, structural-functional forms, approaches to organizing their management. The principle of voluntariness of integrative relations in the system of the common agrarian policy is coordinated with the principle of one-directionality of intra-corporative and partial interests of subjects of the integrative process.

At that one of main components of the mechanism of creation and functioning of enterprises with foreign investments is optimization of methods, mechanisms of concentration of property of integration subjects. Formation of the property complex of the common agrarian integrated structure is realized both by combining a functioning enterprise with agricultural, rerolling, agroservice and trade ones and by combining separate juridically independent enterprises of agriculture, rerolling industry, serving branches. Based on principles of hierarchy of relations of enterprises with foreign investments, there were separated three types of integration mechanisms. It provides the orientation of maximizing the integral result


enterprises with foreign investments; integrated vertical structure

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